Saturday, September 13, 2008

Eyeglass Holder & Case

Pattern Instructions

Materials - 4ply ww yarn and an H hook


Body -

ch 23,
Row 1 - sc in 2nd ch from hook and sc across (22 sc)
Row 2 - ch1, turn, sc in each st across (22 sc)
Rows 3-25 - repeat row 2

To edge across the top of the case:

ch1, turn the fabric to the right so you can
crochet down the side of it.

Place 1 sc in the end of each row.

To join the sides together:

Keeping the loop in the top left corner,
fold the fabric in half underneath as shown.

Insert hook into the corner st of the bottom half.
sl st to join, ch1

Working thru both edges of both halves,
sc in each st (22sc)

At the end of the row,
ch1 and sc again in the same space,
turn the piece and continue crocheting a sc across the bottom.

Tie off and weave in ends.

Neck Holder

With 2 strands of 4ply ww and a Chophook (L hook)

ch 82.

Leave a 6 inch tail on both ends.


Hi! I'm Ambi

I am so excited to be blogging!

Something awesome happened today! I made my very first pattern!
How cool is that?!?

I made an eyeglass holder and case for my Baba.
In Russian that means Grandmother.

Next, I'm going to post my very 1st ever free pattern!!!!!